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Update on Brittany Richo, post surgery 2/14/20

Raleigh, North Carolina -

On Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, our Associate Director - Brittany Richo underwent an additional procedure on her eyes at Duke University Medical Center. The procedure was meant to eliminate the scar tissue, add oil, and hopefully help her vision with improvement and/or stability. The procedure went well, although once inside her eye it was found that her retina was once again partially detached. They were able to complete the procedure without incident. In addition, there is no positioning of her head required post procedure and other than minor lifting restrictions she is clear. Her return appointment yesterday morning was good the doctor noting the procedure was very successful. Brittany and our ministry continue to give God thanks and praise for again taking care of us and we want to thank you for your prayer and support.

You may send well wishes or communication to Brittany at or by leaving them on our facebook page Naylor Network Evangelistic Association.

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