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The Journey Continues

I just have to start by saying, "God is so Good!" In fact, he is amazing! The past several months I have spent a lot of time praying and seeking Gods guidance in addition to the guidance of our ministry staff to decide what the best course of action for our future would be. I feel extremely blessed to make this announcement.

I am very excited to announce that I am going back to singing as a solo artist, however, occasionally I will be joined by some of the great friends who have been so faithful to our ministry throughout the years. While our personnel has greatly changed, the message has not as we all continue pressing on to see souls saved, lives changed, and God at work in the hearts of as many as possible. I am thankful for my staff who has remained faithful to our ministry and who continue serving. Brittany Richo and Kassidy Williams will both remain in they're positions with the addition of Brandon Boggess who has returned to our organization this month. Together, we look forward to ministering the gospel to as many places as the Lord will allow through travel and our online presence.

Finally, I look forward to the spring of 2020! I have been working the last two months on new music and praying that God would provide a program that would reach many hearts. I believe without a doubt that he has done that and I look forward to sharing it with all of you very soon. With the addition of the tour, I will be releasing a new album in the spring and I believe it will be very special. Please be much in prayer for us that God will continue to lead and guide on every step of this journey. Your support means so much to us, and we are blessed to have met and worked with so many of you through the years! Please again continue to pray for us, and our prayer is that you will consider having us at your church or event in the upcoming year and years to come. We hope to visit and return to many places this year and see so many of you! Any booking inquires can be done by visiting or calling 919-744-5117.

We love ya'll, and again thank you for your continued love and support!

- Nicholas

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