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NNEA Today, returns with six programs left in 2019...

Raleigh, North Carolina -

The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association is excited to announce that Nicholas will be hosting six programs in the next three months as we close out 2019. The dates for the programs are October 17th, October 31st, November 14th, November 27th, December 12th, and December 26th. The NNEA Program was established two years ago as Nicholas transitioned to Raleigh, NC and over that time has been blessed to reach hundreds through the program. "This program has surpassed anything I had ever imagined, thus, I knew it was all from God. When we discontinued it several months back thinking that was the right decision, it became evident that was 100% not what God wanted because of the feedback we received. When you hear people tell you that it is the only (Church) or (Spiritual Guidance) they have received in years and they will miss it, you know that it is meant to be and it must continue. For years I have prayed that God would guide me in every single thing we have done, and he has continued to do just that. This program is reaching people, and even if its only the key to one persons heart, that was absolutely worth every program to me." Nicholas states, speaking about the program.

The program is slated to begin October 17th for the duration of the year with two online programs monthly. Beginning in 2020, changes will be made to the program making it available on our website, social media platforms and possibly ROKU and Apple TV with our own channel "The Naylor Network," which is being explored at this time. The use of technology is one thing we have been blessed with since our founding, and we continue to use it today. In addition, our team will be more centralized now in North Carolina making it easier to grow and work together for the Lord and amongst our community.

While we are excited for our digital opportunities, we are also looking for membership in the greater Raleigh area and are seeking applicants. If you are interested in becoming part of the Naylor Network Evangelistic Association in any capacity, visit our website

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