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NNEA MS Awareness Project 2020

March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month all across the nation and the world. Members of The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association have voted to make this year our first as an organization supporting MS awareness and research. Members of NNEA have several family members who have been diagnosed and are currently treated for MS making this project a large initiative for the organization. This project hits very close to our hearts and we feel led to embark on this mission. There is no current cure for MS, however, we beleive research and support bring us one step closer to better treatment and a cure. During the month of March, NNEA becomes involved in several MS programs including an online campaign with the National MS Society and a personal campaign where 10% of our generated product sales during our concerts are donated to The Cleveland Clinic - Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis. NNEA Today program during March will also feature personal stories, and other information on how to donate and our mission this month. Durning concerts and other events in March, NNEA Members will also wear black and orange, with orange ribbons representing MS Awareness. We hope you will pray about donating any amount to one of these causes and joining us on this journey as we support MS Research and Support. If you are attending one of our concerts or events, consider wearing orange and black or picking up a ribbon at our product table as you enter the venue space or church.This program is coordinated by Brittany Richo, Associate Director in coordination with the NNEA Board of Directors. To make a donation or for more information you can reach her at

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