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NNEA May Ministry Update

May 1st, 2020 - Raleigh:

Greetings from the Naylor Network Evangelistic Association! We hope that you are all well, staying safe and staying healthy. We would like you to know that thus far, all members of our organization are staying safe and remaining healthy during this time. We feel extremely blessed and continue to do what is required by our state and federal government in addition to prayer and support for each other and our community. While we continue to press on, we are truly missing our tour schedule and the ability to interact with so many wonderful friends. In addition, we are sad that we do not have the ability to meet new friends during this time, but we continue to look forward to the day that we can once again be in services and events with all of you.

As of today, we have decided as previously released that in the best interest of our entire organization - we have cleared our schedule for the month of June. This was a hard decision but one that we felt was needed as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread here in North Carolina and around the nation. We felt that flying and travel during this time is still not safe. With that being said, we must also be smart about decisions that could risk our health with our current full time jobs. While this was certainly a tough decision, again, we felt that it was in the best interest of our ministry at this time. We are still evaluating and working with our friends who are hosting our July events and services. We will make a more informed decision on these dates as we wait to see what things look like at that time.

While we are not traveling at this time, we are continuing to minister as God provides the opportunity. Every tuesday night at 7:00pm, Nicholas continues to minister through music ministry and scripture lessons on NNEA Today! This program is live every week and encourages participation from those who watch live and for those who tune in later on. The program features gospel music and hymns, prayer, live chat, events, live interviews, scripture lessons and much more. Each program has a theme in which God provides prior or during the online service. NNEA Today is all about the Lord, and telling others about him while providing weekly spiritual encouragement and fellowship.

Last month, NNEA announced a new program taking place on Thursdays at 7:00pm ET. “Hope Answered,” is our newest program with host Brittany Richo. Brittany created the program after filling in several times for Nicholas on NNEA Today. Hope Answered centers itself around weekly spiritual encouragement, scripture lesson, and real life events taking place during that week. We are very excited about this new program and hope you will join Brittany every week on Hope Answered, and be sure to interact! We want to hear from you, that is what helps us get through the week and know that what were doing is making a difference in the lives of others and in our lives.

A fun fact announcement, we were asked if we had any videos we could submit of our music ministry to our friends at Edgewood Summit in Charleston, West Virginia for the in house TV channel. Nicholas took the opportunity to produce a special concert just for our Edgewood family. The program will be aired on the in-house television channel soon. We are thankful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful community, and to be asked to return even through TV programming. We can’t thank God enough for blessing us with the capability to do this.

While we aren’t traveling, we are still working daily and following the work that God has placing in front of us. Our mission remains the same, seeing souls saved, lives changed and God at work in the hearts of as many as he will allow. To us, it isn’t about the amount of miles traveled or the amount of time online - it is all about spreading Gods word and obeying his commands. When he speaks, we listen - and during this tough time we have been listening very closely. We pray for the continued health and safety of all of you and ask that you continue to remember us in prayer. Please remember us on Tuesday’s and Thursdays, join in our programs and take part as much as possible in our online services. We again want to worship with you, and look forward to seeing you online - but even more when we can be together in person again.

Many Blessings,

Nicholas N. Naylor - Executive Director

& Ministry of The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association

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