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NNEA announces new weekly program, "Hope Answered," with Brittany Richo!

Raleigh, North Carolina -

The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association is excited to announce a new program to be aired Thursday's at 7:00pm! NNEA welcomes our Associate Director, Brittany Richo's new program entitled "Hope Answered!" Brittany has announced this program will feature weekly spiritual scripture lessons, prayer, guests, music and much more!

Nicholas states "We are excited about this program, I have full faith that Brittany is going to create a wonderful program and I have no doubt that she will bring incredible messages to our online media programs. This decision was very easy as Brittany has done phenomenal work with NNEA Today in addition to our other online and live events. I also believe she will reach new audiences, and that is a major goal within this organization! We want to reach as many as God will allow. I have no doubt that God is going to use Brittany and this program to reach so many in numerous ways!"

The program is also in conjunction with the organizations new Spiritual Care Division and will work with many members involved with the division to air new ideas, programs, and other area's of the program. Brittany will begin to air her program LIVE on Thursday, April 9th, 2020. Tune in with Brittany weekly, and most of all - we pray you'll get involved in our ministry by becoming a weekly follower or a partner!

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