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NNEA welcomes the return of Brandy York, to lead worship next week on NNEA Today!

Raleigh, North Carolina -

The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association and Nicholas Naylor are excited to announce Brandy York's return to NNEA next Tuesday! Last week, Nicholas was unsure of his abilities to fulfill the NNEA Today obligations of our ministry and chose to invite his friends Terri Taylor and Brandy York to help him with the music portion of the program while Brittany Richo directed the message. This past Tuesday, Terri Taylor led our worship while Brittany brought the message and scripture lesson. This week, Nicholas has been cleared to return to work and is returning to NNEA Today as well, however, the program will still continue as scheduled with guest artist Brandy York!

Brandy will be leading worship from her home in Ashland, Kentucky. Nicholas and Brittany will be bringing the message from Raleigh. Join us on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 for NNEA Today LIVE on our social media platforms. You won't want to miss it!

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