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Changes made to NNEA, as 2021 begins

As in past years, evaluation of our organization was completed during the conclusion of 2020 with modifications submitted and made moving into 2021. "I find it incredibly important to keep up with what is going on around us, within us, and within our program to best serve and reach others," Nicholas states. With that message, a new outlook for the organization as major changes are taking place moving the organization forward and embracing what God has in store for the future of the ministry.

The name of NNEA has been rebranded from the 2013 change of "Naylor Network Evangelistic Association," to "Nicholas Naylor Evangelistic Association." This change comes into effect due to several reasons. Over the past several years, NNEA housed several different ministries under our name including Nicholas Naylor & Declaration; West Virginia Gospel Music Festival; Naylor Concert Series; Pinch Reunion Gospel Music Jubilee; NNEA Today & Hope Answered LIVE facebook streaming programs. While we were honored to house many different area's of ministry, we have decided to return to primarily music ministry which involves Nicholas as a solo ministry. While he is a solo artist, Brittany Richo & Kassidy Williams will continue to travel along with other members of the organization as we have for the past 15 years. In addition, the organization has dropped all festivals but will continue to to do the NNEA Today LIVE program as scheduled.

In addition to changing our organization structure, the name change also was put into effect to make it easier for those searching our ministry. Many were unable to find us online or on social media platforms due to our name being different than the group or Nicholas himself. We feel this change is a better fit for our ministry as we move forward and we hope it will be easier for those who follow us to see what we are doing and know when we will be in your area. Additionally, we hope to keep you updated on where we are in ministry and keep in direct contact with you to know how we can better serve!

"We have not had many parts of the organization I/E festivals and a large staff for over two years. This is a change that is necessary, and one that I feel has been coming for a while. One thing I can say for sure, with over 15 years of ministry under my belt - God has allowed me to meet so many people and work in so many different areas. I have also been blessed to have many different folks share the stage with me, and work along side of myself and others through the years. I am grateful for every person who has been in our organization, they made an imprint in some way or another that has greatly grown this group. While we have downsized quit a bit, the meaning of the words being sung and the message God is giving me on and off the platform has not changed. The folks who will continue to accompany have not changed their respective positions nor desire to see souls saved, lives changed, and God work in hearts where he leads us. Most importantly, our promise and commitment to tell others about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and continue working on soul winning has not and will not ever change. God called me into music ministry in 2005, and since then he has placed folks, some only for a season, in this group because of the impact they have on others. I look forward to seeing what God continues to do." - Nicholas Naylor.

Aside from these changes, Nicholas will began releasing a new album and embark on his 2021 Tour entitled "Unify," beginning in early April. More information on appointments will be available as it is released. If you are interested in having Nicholas to your church or venue, call 919-271-2255, message us by social media or visit us online

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