The Association

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The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association was formed in 2017 under the direction of Nicholas Naylor as an expansion of his solo ministry formed in 2005. For over a decade, Nicholas traveled and spread the gospel of song through gospel music ministry which included travel across West Virginia and multiple other states. God gave Nicholas many new ideas for ministry and began leading him in numerous directions from concert promotion to disaster deployments and community benefit concerts. The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association was formed to act as the umbrella organization to oversee the multiple ministries, but quickly became the hallmark of ministry for Nicholas Naylor. The organization was responsible for the West Virginia Gospel Music Festival created in 2016. The festival was one of the states only gospel music events like it, and hosted national artists and regional artist including The Rick Webb Family, Tribute Quartet, The Weaver Beleivers Survival Revival, and others. In addition to the festival, NNEA created the Naylor Concert Series that would soon merge with our friends Allen and Rose Maddox that brought national artists in to Charleston, West Virginia including The Talleys, The Kingsmen, Karen Peck & New River, and others. For a brief 2 year period, NNEA worked with planners of the Pinch Reunion to oversee and reformat the Sunday gospel concert later renaming it “Pinch Reunion Gospel Music Jubilee,” which brought many local quartets, trios, duets, and soloist together in the community. 


Aside from gospel music events, the organization created the NNEA Crisis Deployment Team in response to the 2016 West Virginia Flood that covered and devastated many counties along the Elk River. The ministry coordinated a benefit gospel sing that generated cleaning supplies and funds that were taken to the center of the devastation. Our ministry was able to not only deliver critical supplies, but provide hope and prayer too many during this time. The deployment team also responded to flooding in Marion County, West Virginia in which food was delivered to first responders and those in the flood zone working to restore their homes and property. The teams last response was a second benefit concert that provided funds to purchase hymnals after a church fire in St. Albans, West Virginia. The CDT was disbanded in 2018 due to change in members and redirection of the organization. 


In 2017, NNEA was partially relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina as Nicholas moved with much of the ministry’s planning. The group functioned between West Virginia and North Carolina until the organization was officially established in 2019 as a 501 c. Non profit organization. As 2020 brought a new decade, it also brought a change in ministry leadership and the direction for the organization. Today, NNEA and its Board of Directors oversee Nicholas Naylor’s Music Ministry which travels throughout the United States to many conferences, churches, and special events. The association is also in charge of NNEA Today, an online program established by Nicholas to reach people through social media by a 45 min program weekly that contains a time of prayer, hymns, southern gospel worship, and a message of hope. The ministry also hosts special projects through the year including public health initiatives such as MS & Breast Cancer Awareness. The organizations most recent project is the Spiritual Care Division under the direction of Brittany Richo. This ministry works to care for others through praying for needs, hospital visitations, spiritual wellness, and benefit events to support those who are in need. 


The Naylor Network Evangelistic Association is governed by its Board of Directors in which meet monthly to plan and minister in our community and around the nation. NNEA looks forward to what God has in store for our future, and works hard to minister to others one day at at time.